Welcome to the home of the funfighter

The Cambria Funfighters were originally designed in the 70's, to be a 25 sized, hand launched model that could easily be put in the back of the average car, fully rigged and ready to go.

Since that time the models have undergone many changes, including owners of the company and the design of the models themselves. You can read a history of these fascinating aircraft elsewhere on this website but for now I will concentrate on telling you about the developements in the last 9 years.

When Mike Mayne took over the business as ATS Mayneline, it was the start of a major turn around for the kits. Some time after taking over the business he was approached by a couple of enthusiastic lads from Cornwall, who asked if he would mind them flying the models at the many public displays across the country as they and their clubmates loved to bat these models around the sky and always had a ball.

The Reds Were Born.

The Mighty Reds.

Mike Mayne.

I first met Mike as I was doing an article for Bumpy Green Model Aerodrome. We hit it off and had a laugh that day, but it wasn't until I bumped into him again a year or so later at Weston Park and helped him out on the trade stand that I first met some of the boys, all of them have since proved to be great freinds. Shortly after that He asked if I would like to join the team. Of course the answer was yes and none of us have ever looked back.

We have been described as a biomass by one less charitable journalist as our record for pilots in any one show slot is 28. When you combine that with all the helpers, as you can imagine makes for a busy pilots box. So much so in fact that sometimes the caller standing in the center, had to shout so loud to be heard, that he decided he couldn't fly as well and landed early.

The name of the game though is FUN, that's what both the team and the models are all about. My name is Daren Graham (Red 11) and I have the pleasure of becoming the new owner of the funfighters.

The kits have been developed now to a point that we have a range of models with excellent fast and low speed handling that can be built either as an intermediate sport model or with the addition of a few simple items eg. stronger pushrods, control horns and closed loop on the rudder, is capable of speeds in excess of 120mph. for racing.

In addition we hope to be able to provide an exciting range of colour schemes for the models, plus the ability to provide custom graphics of your own design before too long.

In full race trim.


We have also had a new racing class Reno300 ratified and approved by the BMFA to nationals level for models of this size. The aim of which is to have a club based, low cost racing class, using a basic model with an off the shelf engine and standard servos. This means that the models are not too noisy for your club field and not too hard to fly for most club pilots although not for the novice flier. The pylons can simply be made from inexpensive plastic pipe. All you need then is a few club mates to join in the fun. A full description and the current rules can be found on the racing page of this website.

I will finish by saying that I look forward to helping you in any way I can with the Funfighters and welcome you to our world.

El- Tel enjoying the show.

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